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This home welcomes, this home heals, this home calms 

Did you ever listened my home is your home…? We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. This centenary Canarian house has been reformed to become a home where you can feel welcome; it is a little retreat where you can wind down… or connect with yourself… or maybe share with others… That is whay we want to offer the possibility of practicing yoga, meditation where we have a specific stage for that. We can also offer reiki and other kind of activities;we will tell you amazing places where you can go in this magical island called Gran Canaria far from the beaten path; we will enjoy live music and other activities which relax your soul… Because this house calms…


The Rooms

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  • Guayedra Room
  • Guayedra Room

Guayedra Room

This cozy double private room was a former herbalist with ancient high wooden ceilings made of Tea (very appreciated Canarian pine tree wood). When you get in, you notice a really beautiful energy. We named it Guayedra because it is our favourite wild beach close by. Towels included.


  • Tabaiba Room
  • Tabaiba Room

Tabaiba Room

Tabaiba is a native plant of Canary Island and we love it so much that we gave this name to this private double room which has an extra individual bed just in case you are a group of three people. Call us to book the extra bed. There is a desk and a chair just in case you want to work. Towels included.


  • Tamadaba
  • Tamadaba


If you want to see Tamadaba Natural Park views this is your room. It has two individual beds and a third optional bed (extra cost). This room is bright, cozy and located in the terrace. There is a private balcony facing Tamadaba and Agaete church. Towels included.


  • Calima Room
  • Calima Room

Calima Room

Calima is a meteorological phenomenon which brings usLa calima es un fenómeno meteorológico que brings us the sand of Africa in suspension by air. As the people who are coming and going and who are sharing this dorm of 6 people. There is a little lamp and a curtain in every bed to have more intimacy. There are lockers with a padlock to keep your stuff safe. Towels not included.


Common Areas

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The Terrace

We have a big terrace where we have the yoga lessons and meditations in our yoga stage. You can check if we have a yoga session, if not, we do have matts and yoga blocks which you can use for your own practice. From here you have Tamadaba Natural Park and Agaete views.There is an area for having breakfast and eat under the tropical sun or you can lie in the hammock! It is our little gem and travellers com here to relax, read, sunbath, drink a glass of wine o to talk with other travellers.

The Kitchen

The Kitchen

The secret ingredient is always love… And in this kitchen many beautiful things have happened, many beautiful people have been here. It is here where many guests who come from visiting Agaete and the surroundings of North Gran Canaria and they share stories and anecdotes. It is also in the kitchen where great friendships grow and different recipes from all over the world are shared. The coffee and the tea is on us! You have space for you in the fridge and in the boxes assigned for you.

Enjoy Agaete in "calma" mode...

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Look at our blackboard in the loung or ask… we will tell you what is going on that week. Plus, we can tell you so many things… we know the area and we can tell you to go to places that not many people knows… shhhh! do not tell anyone ;)

Ask even when you book, because maybe who knows… we could be teaching a seminar how to make natural shampoo

We offer you many possibiities to enjoy Gran Canaria and Agaete with calm and in the way it suits you the most...

Sattva Yoga


We offer periodic yoga classes on the terrace, where we have a stage where to practice.

You don't need to bring your matt or yoga block, we have enough, and you even can use them for your own personal practice.

Check our schedules by contacting us or in our agenda section on the web.

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Besides all the hikes you can do by yourself and which we can show you, you can choose also to hire a specialized mountain guide or sign up for the trekks organized on Sundays.

To register you need to tell us 24 hours in advance to be able to get you an insurance.

Discover the most hidden and beautiful spots in Gran Canaria with mindfulness.

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You should try!

You have the option of spending half a day learning how to climb or if it is something you practice from time to time, we can take you to amazing places, some of them need a special permission to get there.

Discover Gran Canaria climbing and viewing the island in a way you could not enjoy with your feet on the ground.







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It is addictive!

Have you tried sometime to see how the world works under the sea...? It is pure meditation.

You can try a fun dive and tell us if you liked diving.

If you loved it you have the option of getting the Open Water certificate amongst others...

If you not feel like diving, you can also ask at reception some of our googles and you can snorquel and see the fishes from the surface!



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We sell solid cosmetics.

They are superpractical to travel, they get not spoiled and you ask for any specific one and with no plastic!

If you need a special product, ask and book at least 48 hours in advance and we can prepare it (if we can). We do shampoos, toothpaste, deodorants and body lotions :)

At the moment we always have available solid shampoos and soap bars.



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Book through our web page to get discounts depending on the number of nights you book.

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